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Data Consulting

Its all about the data

I am an independent data consultant and would like to help you with your data needs.

I specialize in developing solutions that utilize Microsoft SQL Server (on premise or in Azure), VBScript, and Microsoft Access.

The list of other tools and platforms that I have worked with is lengthy (understatement). If your solution does not necessarily involve Microsoft products, I still may be able help you. Feel free to reach out to me: Contact Me

My background in developing solutions extends back over 30 years (really).

I am the former Director of Information Systems for an industry leading third-party health plan administrator. I have three decades of experience coming up with solutions as both an employee and as a contractor. Although I have a wealth of experience in healthcare, I have also worked on projects in many other industries including Financial/Banking, Construction, Utilities, Wholesale, and Recreation.

Example Client Projects

End-To-End Tradeshow Solution

I developed an end-to-end tradeshow management solution for a large food distributor. The solution had many features:

  • Imported the client’s entire customer list.
  • Generated mailings (letters, packets and reminder postcards) inviting the customers to the tradeshow.
  • Tracked customer registrations.
  • On day of the show, the solution utilized barcode scanners to check in each customer as they entered the building. Every customer mailing contained a bar code with a “this is your fast entry pass” message. Customers brought their “pass” no different than if it was a ticket to a concert. The entrance registration was blazing fast and completely solved a bottleneck that plagued the tradeshow in previous years.
  • At the tradeshow booths, customers only needed to show their entry pass with the barcode to place an order.
  • At the end of the show the client had a complete and accurate list of every customer that attended the show with a complete listing of products they ordered.

Electric Substation Volume Monitoring

I developed a substation volume monitoring solution for a large electric utility.

The solution automatically polled electrical substations and retrieved periodic meter readings. The readings were imported (via script) and graphed in a Microsoft Access database.

The visual representation of the service line volumes immediately prompted the engineers to redistribute service line loads. They were previously unaware of a significant spike in demand on one service line that went to a local mall.

Healthcare Claims Auditing

I developed a full solution to audit healthcare claims for a very large health insurance payer.

The solution integrated statistical sampling of claims from multiple platforms and stored sampled claims in a SQL Server database. Claims were audited using Microsoft Access as a front-end. Audited claims were automatically pushed to an appeals database when auditing was complete.

The periodic audit statistics and related reporting were fully automated via SSIS packages. On-demand reports could be run in Access by end users without any involvement from a reporting team.

Access to the data was Active Directory integrated. The front-ends were utilized by hundreds of users in multiple U.S. time zones and off shore locations.

Conversion of Thousands of Excel Workbooks

I completed a project for a very large and well known bank that had data stored in over five thousand Excel workbooks.

The bank had a process where credits were posted to customer accounts using an automated script. The data used by the scripts and the results of the scripted postings were stored in Excel – extending back over seven years. The data was never imported into any database.

After using the process for several years, it was discovered that the process was flawed and postings were incorrect.

The data needed to determine what postings were incorrect was stored in over 5,400 Excel workbooks with various formats, located in several drives and shared folders.

I wrote scripts that searched the drives to locate the workbooks and copy to a central repository, extract the data, convert the data into a consistent format and then load into an enterprise database.