Live Your Best Life

Live your best life

Live your best life

I have a friend who inspires me. They have experienced life in ways that go well beyond what the rest of us have experienced. Their experiences hit both ends of the spectrum – from the very best that life can offer to the very worst. I really mean the absolute worst. I will not share any details here, but when I think of the things they have endured in their life, my heart goes out to them in a way that I cannot describe.

There is a picture of my friend standing on Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town in South Africa. It is a sunny day, their arms are spread wide open, they have a big smile and you can see Cape Town and the ocean in the background behind them. Every time I look at that picture I think about what they have been through, and yet there they are, smiling, arms outstretched, on top of the world, enjoying the moment. They truly live their best life and experience everything it has to offer.

I have had several reminders of how unexpected life can be: good, bad, and in between. “Life is short” and “you only live once” are more than just sayings. They are truths.

We owe it to ourselves to live our best life in the short time we are here.

I hope your life is filled with moments where you feel like spreading your arms wide open with a big smile on your face.

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